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Welcome to Scotti Blog, the place to find information about the Medellin, Colombia real estate market. Our intention is for readers to gain insights into neighborhoods, projects, people, investments and trends. In recent years, the marketplace has seen rapid price appreciation, primarily due to a rising middle class and an ever expanding economy. That includes an increase of “extranjeros” or foreign buyers who have moved to Medellin to enjoy the year-round spring climate and other quality of life issues, like inexpensive healthcare.

We hope you find Scotti Blog a valuable resource. If you have questions about purchasing a new home or selling your current one, please feel free to contact us at Luzcotti@gmail.com. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about the Medellin real estate market. Additionally, if you’d like to send us comments about Scotti Blog or would like to suggest a story topic, we welcome those, as well. Thanks for reading!

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