Scotti Realty Adds El Retiro Real Estate Listings

Scotti Realty Group is pleased to announce the addition of several new properties to its exclusive listings in El Retiro, an area considered by many to be the most desirable in the Medellin Metro area.

With the recent listings, Scotti Realty now has 12 properties of El Retiro real estate to offer clients. Several are casa fincas in private communities, including a gorgeous casa finca that sits on a 20,000-square-meter lot; a 650-square-meter Escobero mansion ready to be finished and a stunning casa finca that can be yours for COP $2.5 billion.

El Retiro real estate for sale

El Retiro Casa Finca Bonita!

We also have a group of lots close to El Retiro’s historic downtown. These are must-see lots and offer tremendous investment opportunities, as well great sites for a casa finca.

One stunning lot is 33,000 square meters and offers tremendous views of the reservoir in El Retiro. The photo speaks for itself..

Best in El Retiro

View to El Retiro Reservoir

Scotti Realty Group also has a huge lot for an investor looking to purchase 136,000 square meters. The parcel, which can be subdivided, includes a running creek and wooded areas. The lot is in close proximity to the downtown.

Nearby are two other lots — one is 10,500 square meters and the other is 13,800 square meters — that offer great views of the valley and are close to local farms and the downtown.

Lot for sale with great views in El Retiro

Nice Views throughout El Retiro valley

Here are some other listings of lots that could be yours if you’re in the market to build your own vacation home: lots near Escobero in a subdivision that run between 1,500 and 2,500 square meters;  an 8,600-square-meter lot with its own waterfall; a 500-square-meter lot surrounded by vacation homes; and a 14,000-square-meter lot in a private community.

If you are interested in El Retiro, you can be sure that Scotti Realty can help you find the property you want, whether from our listings or from another realtor’s. We work with a network of realtors that gives us an even larger inventory of homes and properties. Call us, 320-793-4768 or email at, to learn more.

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