About Us

???????????????????????????????Scotti Realty Group was founded by Luz Amparo Arismendy-Scotti in 2012. After nearly 25 years living in the U.S., she returned to her hometown of Medellin, Colombia to become a real estate broker. Scotti Realty Group is a registered corporation in Colombia. (Luz is pictured here with her husband, Michael Scotti)

Before moving to Medellin, Luz Amparo worked in international business, sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. She later formed her own export company, MedPro International, which sold medical equipment and supplies throughout Latin America. Throughout her professional career in the U.S., however, she always longed to return to Medellin and work in real estate. Scotti Real Estate is the culmination of her dreams, as her father, Horacio Arismendy, was a successful real estate investor and broker in Medellin for more than three decades.

Luz offers her skills and experience to give the best customer services to buyers and sellers of real estate in the Medellin metro area, particularly in El Retiro, where she represents sellers of large properties. Please see our mission statement for more about our business philosophy and commitment to customer satisfaction.